Managing Company JSC Special Economic Zone «St. Petersburg» offers comprehensive support and services for development of the business residents.

Office rental

Фотография офиса

Both SEZ sites offer commercial rooms for rent in the business centers of class «B+»:

  • Finished rooms
  • Internet and telephony connectivity
  • Rent of parking lots
  • Rent of meeting rooms, conference hall
  • Cafe and restaurant
  • Professional office cleaning
The rent rate includes: VAT, utilities, power supply

Rent of meeting rooms and conference halls

Фотография офиса

To conduct meetings, negotiations, seminars, conferences including video conferences, round tables and panel discussions at the SEZ sites, the Managing Company offers for the residents and non-residents to rent the well-equipped meeting rooms and spacious conference hall.

The rooms are equipped with furniture and up-to-date telecommunication equipment. The business center cafe can ensure catering servicing of the business events.

At the Novoorlovskaya site, the employees of the residents can arrange meetings free of charge in the welcome-zone of the ground floor of the business center.

Meeting rooms in BC Novoorlovskaya

  • Different capacity and complete furnishings
  • Audio and video equipment for presentations
  • Videoconferences for remote meetings
  • Internet access
  • Technical support of conferences and meetings

Conference hall in ABC Noydorf

  • Up to 250 participants
  • Presidium for 5 persons with a speaker’s stand
  • Multi display system and projector
  • Multimedia support
  • Simultaneous interpretation
  • Recording of the conference or meeting

Data processing center in Administrative and Business Center Noydorf

Фотография центра

The data processing center (DPC) is located on the ground floor of the Administrative and Business Center Noydorf. The DPC rooms and utilities requirements were taken into account at the building design stage.

DPC services

  • Equipment placement
  • Equipment rent
  • Virtual IT-infrastructure rent
  • Existing virtual infrastructure (laaS)
  • Direct data transfer channels of the major regional operators
  • Fill-time monitoring and engineering support
  • Security 24/7

DPC main specifications

  • Total area – 240 m²
  • Computer hall area – 120 m²
  • Back-up level of utility systems – according to Tier III
  • Physical security system is implemented at three barriers
  • Number of up to 48U-39U cabinets — 39
  • Maximum power per up to 48 U rack — 8 kW
  • External DPC telecommunication networks are built along three routes
  • DPC rooms are equipped with fire alarm, gas firefighting system, and early fire detection aspirating system

Control room

The DPC utility systems are full-time monitored from the control room located near the computer room.

Engineer workplace

The workplace of the system engineer on duty is arranged using TAC Vista software and enables on-time monitoring of the main system parameters.

 Фотография поста охраны

Security 24/7

In the Special Economic Zone, provisions are made for a checkpoint system to prevent unauthorized access. The passage of motor vehicles of the third parties and delivery services is allowed by prior agreement with the dispatching service of the Managing Company. In addition, both entrances to the business center are equipped with an access control system.

 Фотография паркинга

Comfortable parking

168 places

Outdoor parking of Novoorlovskaya site

173 places

Outdoor parking of Noydorf site

 Фотография таможенного поста

Customs station

The customs procedure «free customs zone» is applied within the SEZ «St. Petersburg» allowing to import equipment and components for the SEZ residents on preferential terms.

 Фотография мероприятия

Events for Residents

Events for the residents and representatives of the government, banks, development institutions, and permitting bodies

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