Site «Novoorlovskaya»

Land purchase for 25% of cadastral value
Available utilities and communications
Road infrastructure
2 checkpoints
Customs station
Administrative and business center

Land lease preferences

Reduction lease factor for 9 years from the date of resident status reception
The maximum land lease payment is 2% of the cadastral value per year


  • Land plots in the administrative boundaries of St. Petersburg
  • Surrounded by landscaped area of Novoorlovsky
  • Investment-attractive residential district
  • Convenient transport infrastructure
Doroga v Kamenku, 74, lit. A, St. Petersburg, 197350, Russia

Territory planning

— unoccupied areas.



The available utility infrastructure enables the residents to connect to utility networks. The connection points to utility networks are located near the borders of the resident’s site.

30% investment

savings for creation of research and production base
  • Power supply

    PS-94 «Stend» (PS-110/10 kV), connected load is 35.816 MVA.

    At the site, the power supply system is build including 4 distribution transformer substations, 20 transformer substations, (2(4)х1250 kV) and cable line (10/0.4 kV).

    Power supply reliability category II.

    Works on the connected load increase by 10 MVA are performed for the available cable lines.

  • Heat supply

    Heat carrier medium is supplied directly from the Kolomyazhskaya boiler house, the allowed volume is 69.2 Gcal (supplied by GUP TEK SPb).

  • Water supply

    Water supply is provided by State Unitary Enterprise Vodokanal of St. Petersburg 2550 m3 per day.

  • Sewage system

    Household and storm sewage systems are provided.

  • Communication networks

    Cable sewage system between communication centers of operators and facilities of the residents with a total length of more than 15 km.

  • Integrated safety and security

    The free customs zone regime as well as safety rules for industrial facilities located within the SEZ are day and night adhered by hardware of the integrated security system on both sites.

Customs station

Customs station

The customs procedure «free customs zone» is applied within the SEZ «St. Petersburg» allowing to import equipment and components for the SEZ residents on preferential terms.

Novoorlovsky customs post operates at the site

  • Modern customs control facilities
  • 1 customs control zone
  • Parking for 5 heavy vehicles
  • Examination area for one heavy truck
  • Truck scales

Free Customs Zone (STZ) procedure advantages for SEZ residents:

  • Moratorium of customs duties
  • No costs for a temporary storage warehouse
  • Flexible system of customs payments: customs duties and VAT are paid either entirely for the final product or only for its foreign components
  • Capability of duty-free placement of foreign goods within the SEZ during practically unlimited period of time
  • Own customs station

Innovational center

18 670 м2
site area
6 000 м2
administrative premises
12 000 м2
production premises

An Innovational center with additional administrative and production areas for rent. At the moment, all the premises have been leased to a SEZ resident.

Free floor plans
Ability to transform the configuration and functionality
Basic finish of the administrative premises
Self-leveling floors on a concrete base with high load capacity in industrial premises
Walls of the production part are three-layer panels, roof, surfaced on profiled flooring

TTC Novoorlovskaya

  • B+
  • 9 floors
    Number of floors
  • 15 601 m²
    Total area
  • upon request
    Free area
  • 168 places
    Outdoor parking
  • 3 meters
    Ceiling height
  • 100 W/m²
    Energy capacity
  • 300 kg/m²
    Floor loading
The room business centre

Business Center

  • Office premises with decoration
  • Outdoor parking
  • Internet and telephony
  • Meeting rooms and lounge zone
  • Café and a conference room
  • Office cleaning
The room business centre

Comfort and safety

  • Supply and exhaust ventilation system
  • Centralized air conditioning system
  • Fire safety warning system
Photo of checkpoint

Security 24/7

In the Special Economic Zone, provisions are made for a checkpoint system to prevent unauthorized access. The passage of motor vehicles of the third parties and delivery services is allowed by prior agreement with the dispatching service of the Managing Company. In addition, both entrances to the business center are equipped with an access control system.

  • CCTV and fire safety warning system
  • Checkpoint and access control system
  • Security 24/7