Area for innovations

Special Economic Zone «St. Petersburg»

The SEZ «St. Petersburg» is an effective government project, innovative platform to implement major business projects on the high-tech product development and manufacture offering the advantageous benefits, preferences, and state support.

182.32 ha area SEZ

73 residents

4.1 billion USD revenue of residents

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Advantages of Special Economic Zone in St. Petersburg


Advantageous geopolitical location

With its huge industrial potential, the city is the largest economic and scientific center in Russia and Europe.

Strategic European air, land and sea routes converge in Saint Petersburg.


High human resources potential

In the modern megalopolis with a population of 5.4 million people, 10% of the country's scientific potential is concentrated.

  • 80 state universities
  • 120 colleges
  • 674 schools

Developed transport infrastructure

Saint Petersburg is the largest transport hub in the Baltic region.
"The big port of Saint-Petersburg" provides more than 10% of export and 50% of import sea cargo transportation in Russia. The port's cargo turnover for 2019 was about 59.9 million tons.
Airport "Pulkovo" handles about 27.5 thousand tons of cargo annually.
Western high-speed diameter is the shortest route between the north and the south of the city. On the road with a total length of more than 70 kilometers, about 260 thousand cars pass daily.
Ring highway has interchanges with all major highways in the European part of Russia.
The railway junction of Saint-Petersburg is the largest in the North-West of Russia. The volume of cargo transportation in 2019 amounted to 47,030 thousand tons. From Moskovsky railway station there is a high-speed train "Sapsan", which reaches Moscow in 4 hours.


Opportunity for growth

Continuous work to create and improve favorable conditions for residents to conduct business. In 2023:

  • Construction of engineering infrastructure on the 52.9-hectare site attached to the Novoorlovskaya site will be completed

Exemptions and Concessions

Tax Preferences

For the residents, preferential profit, land, property, and transport tax rates are fixed

Customs Privileges

The free customs zone regime enables to locate high-tech plants in the most gainful way

Reduced Land Cost

The land plot price amounts to 25% of the cadastral value and the land lease is 2% of the land cadastral value

Simplified Interaction with the State

Interaction with the state regulatory bodies becomes as simple and transparent as possible

Available Utilities

Power supply, heat supply, gas supply, water supply and water sewage (if technically possible)

Guaranteed Stable and Safe Operation of Investors

At the federal level, the SEZ Project is supervised by the Ministry of Economic Development of the Russian Federation

3 steps to become a resident

Application submission including the document package to the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade of Saint Petersburg
15 business days
Application evaluation by the SEZ Advisory Council
40 business days
Business agreement signature
15 business days

Both individual entrepreneurs and commercial companies duly incorporated in accordance with the Russian laws can become a resident of the Technology Development Special Economic Zone «St. Petersburg»

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Location of zones
Novoorlovskaya Noydorf
Sea port
Baltic Railway Station
City center
Ladoga Railway Station

163,33 ha site area

20 km to the city center

Primorsky District In Novoorlovsky urban forest

Developed transport infrastructure. Less than 10 minutes to the St. Petersburg Ring Road. 30 minutes by motor vehicle to the city center. 20 minutes by motor vehicle to the metro station.

Novoorlovskaya Noydorf
Sea port
Baltic Railway Station
City center
Ladoga Railway Station

18,99 ha site area

30 km to the city center

Strelna South-West of St. Petersburg

Surrounded by the developed urban infrastructure and cultural heritage. Less than 10 minutes to the St. Petersburg Ring Road. 20 minutes by motor vehicle to the airport.

Novoorlovskaya Noydorf
Sea port
Baltic Railway Station
City center
Ladoga Railway Station