Managing Company

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JSC Special Economic Zone «St. Petersburg»

The company has been incorporated for successful management of the Technology Development Special Economic Zone in St. Petersburg using the Russian and international best practices to develop the high-tech city industries.

JSC SEZ «St. Petersburg» work to attract Russian and foreign investors potentially interested in development and application of new technologies and promising samples of the import-substituting products.

Company Mission

To contribute into the Russian state policy implementation to attract investments, create jobs and promote the development of the real economy, R&D deliverables production, import substitution, creation of new territories for economic development and social growth in the region.

Managing Company Functions

Attraction of Investors

Attraction of the potential investors to innovation activities within the SEZ

Relations with Residents

Organizational support of the residents’ activities


Design and construction of the SEZ infrastructure facilities


Management and operation of the utility, transport and other infrastructure facilities in the special economic zones

Become a resident

To become a resident of the SEZ «St. Petersburg», please do not hesitate to contact our colleagues.

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