The volume of investments of new companies in the SEZ will amount to more than 16.7 billion roubles.

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The Expert Council of the SEZ in St. Petersburg approved 4 new investment projects for implementation. They relate to the production of heavy metal-cutting equipment, engine parts for ground and aviation applications, laboratory equipment and analytical instruments, innovative electrical equipment for various industries. The total volume of declared investments will amount to more than RUB 16.7 billion. Adjustments to the projects of two existing SEZ residents were also approved. 

FORT Machine-Tool Plant LLC plans to establish a plant for the production of heavy metal-cutting equipment for the purpose of import substitution. The finished products will be milling machining centres designed for high-speed machining of high-precision parts made of steel, cast iron and light alloys and horizontal boring machines, high-speed 5-axis portal machining centres and milling machining centres with a movable portal for machining large-sized parts and housings. The application areas include aviation, space, engine and mechanical engineering.

The company plans to build the facility on a land plot of 10.6 hectares. The area of buildings and structures planned for construction is more than 76 thousand square metres. The project is planned to be completed at the end of the 3rd year from the moment of its start. The total volume of investments will amount to 7 billion rubles, the number of jobs created - 406.

LLC "C7 Development Centre" announced the creation of production of hot parts for gas turbine engines for ground and aviation applications, namely: cooled and uncooled blades for the manufacture and repair of ground installations, aircraft engines, as well as for the repair of foreign-made ground gas turbines. Consumers of the products will be airlines, JSC "ODK-Klimov", JSC "ODK-Kuznetsov", PC "Salyut" of JSC "ODK", JSC "Power Machines" and other enterprises.

The investor needs a land plot of 2 hectares. It is planned to build a production complex with the total area of 6.1 thousand square metres, as well as an administrative and household complex with the area of 1.8 thousand square metres. The first stage of production is scheduled to start in the 2nd quarter of the 3rd year of the project implementation, the second stage of production - in the 2nd quarter of the 4th year of the project implementation. The volume of declared investments in the project is RUB 7.4 billion. The total number of planned jobs is 328. 

Axiom Electric LLC plans to create production of innovative electrical equipment (frequency drives up to 6000 V, inverters and converters, circuit breakers and disconnectors 6, 10, 35, 110 kV). Consumers of the products will be enterprises in various industries, including oil and gas production and processing, shipbuilding, as well as in the production of solar and wind power plants. The area of the required land plot is 1.5 hectares, on which production workshops, warehouses and an administrative and office building will be built. Commissioning is planned for the 1st quarter of the 4th year of the project implementation. The planned volume of investments is 1.15 billion roubles.  The enterprise will employ 342 specialists.

These projects are planned to be implemented at the Parnas site.

Another investor intends to build a laboratory and production building with an area of more than 5.5 thousand square metres on a 1 hectare plot of land for the development and production of laboratory equipment and analytical instruments for non-destructive testing. It is planned to produce products in four enlarged nomenclature groups: laboratory furniture and equipment, standard samples of GEO, glassware and plastic products, sulphur analyser, Fischer tirrator and X-ray spectral equipment. The production is expected to reach 100% capacity in Q3 Q4 of the project. The company has announced investments in the project in the amount of about 1.2 billion roubles. The new enterprise at the Novoorlovskaya site will employ 84 specialists.

Two more SEZ residents adjusted their projects during the Expert Council. 

Gazpromneft - Industrial Innovations LLC, which is building a laboratory-pilot complex, increased the capacity of power supply networks (MW) from 2.325 to 2.825. 

LS-engineering LLC, engaged in the development and production of the Paradigma transport and industrial safety system, adjusted the project name, reduced the land plot area from 1.8 hectares to 1.09 hectares and the total area of the facility under construction from 10,000 square metres to 5,000 square metres. 

"The development and modernisation of industry is a national priority. This task was set by the President of Russia Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin. Our Special Economic Zone confirms its efficiency year after year. Land plots and ready-made production facilities on its territory are in great demand from investors. SEZ residents open modern high-tech production facilities and create highly paid jobs. Thus, they contribute to the fulfilment of the task set by the head of state to achieve technological sovereignty of the country," stressed Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg.

Kirill Polyakov, Vice-Governor of St. Petersburg: "Three out of four new enterprises will appear already on the new site of the Special Economic Zone "Parnas", which was attached only 2 months ago. These projects will occupy about 70% of the land plots of its area suitable for residents. Such a great interest of investors shows that the conditions created in our SEZ are attractive for opening a business in the city. In turn, this is a positive signal for the growth of economic activity and attraction of even more investors to our region".

Kirill Soloveichik, Chairman of the Committee for Industrial Policy, Innovations and Trade of St. Petersburg: "The land plots after transfer to residents will be used for construction of modern production facilities and infrastructure. The new enterprises will allow replacing foreign manufacturers that have left with high-tech domestic products. The Special Economic Zone continues to be the driver and the main point of growth of the innovative industry of the city".

Tamara Rondaleva, Director General of JSC "Special Economic Zone "Saint-Petersburg": "Due to the readiness of investors to implement projects at the "Parnas" site, we have an important task to prepare it for engineering development as soon as possible. In the near future we will start the infrastructural development of this site".

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