Representatives of the management company of SEZ "Saint-Petersburg" visited the industrial park Great Stone in the Republic of Belarus

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During the visit to the industrial park Andrey Ivanov, Deputy General Director for Investor Relations, and Vladimir Balabanov, Deputy General Director for Construction, familiarized themselves with the work of the park and the key factors of the object's attractiveness for foreign investors.

Great Stone is a strategic and the most large-scale project of Belarusian-Chinese cooperation. It is located in the immediate neighborhood of the capital of the republic. This location together with the effective benefit policy and well-developed infrastructure made the Industrial park an attractive platform for domestic and foreign investors. Now 127 residents from 14 countries operate in the Park.

Belarusian colleagues told about effective tools for attracting investors to their site:

- system of "one station". This is an experience that Great Stone has taken over from its Chinese colleagues. It consists in the fact that an investor can solve all questions in one place, whether it is a question related to a state structure or to commercial companies.

- constant availability of vacant ready industrial space. In the Great Stone Industrial Park their area is more than 100,000 square meters and all of it is 100% filled. Therefore, new areas are constantly being built.

The representatives of the management company were impressed by the results of the Great Stone administration. Taking into account the similar problems of doing business that have developed nowadays, the industrial park manages to constantly increase the pace of attracting foreign companies.

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