Over RUB 20 billion invested by residents of SEZ "Saint Petersburg" in 2023

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By the end of 2023, SEZ residents invested more than RUB 20 billion in their projects, which is 72% more than in 2022. The largest volume of investments was made by residents of JSC Biocad, Gazpromneft - Industrial Innovations LLC and JSC ROSSETI Asset Management.

In 2023, JSC Biocad increased its R&D funding by more than 30%. In addition, the company continues to increase its production capacity; last year it doubled (+217.42%) the production of active pharmaceutical ingredients, which in turn allowed for increased growth in the production of drugs for the treatment of oncological and autoimmune diseases.

"Gazpromneft - Industrial Innovations invested in equipment, construction, assembly and finishing works for the future laboratory and pilot complex, which is scheduled to open in Q2 2024 on leased premises in the SEZ. 

The financing of the construction allowed ROSSETI Asset Management to reach the final stage of its project, the Intelligent Digital Network Laboratory.

Total revenues of companies in the SEZ increased by 11% over the year to RUB 86.5 billion. The largest share of revenues was generated by residents: BIOCAD JSC, VERTEX JSC and Novartis Neva LLC.

The volume of tax payments by SEZ residents to the St. Petersburg budget increased by 10% and totalled RUB 2.7 billion. The main contributors to this result were BIOCAD, VERTEX and MBNPC Cytomed.

The total investment of the residents for the entire period of operation of the SEZ since 2006 is 105 billion roubles, the number of jobs created in the enterprises during this period reached 7039. The total income of the residents reached 404 billion roubles, the volume of tax deductions to the budgets of all levels of the Russian tax system - 58.2 billion roubles, including 19.8 billion roubles - to the regional budget.

Alexander Beglov, Governor of St. Petersburg: "The SEZ is working successfully and is increasing all key performance indicators. This is seen by the city and recognised by the federal centre. This is confirmed by the decision to create new SEZ sites in the coming years. These sites will become the engines of economic development to fulfil the task set by the President of the country to achieve technological sovereignty". 

Kirill Polyakov, Deputy Governor of St Petersburg: "The income received by the residents of the SEZs is estimated at hundreds of billions of roubles and is three times higher than the amount of private investments made by them. This shows that investors' investments in the creation of new businesses in the SEZs pay off and are economically efficient for the investor. The doubling of the SEZ will make it possible to double the number of SEZ residents and strengthen the production and technological potential of the city's economy".

Tamara Rondaleva, General Director of JSC "Special Economic Zone "St. Petersburg": "Residents of the SEZ see the prospects for business development and continue to invest in projects. This year we expect to launch a number of companies, such as ROSSETI Asset Management (formerly SIC UES), Gazpromneft - Industrial Innovations, NPO Tekhnologii, Tekhnocom Avia, AMT, as well as the first stage of InStelRus".

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